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Conservation and management of natural protected areas.

Dr. Alfredo Ortega Rubio


To have developed the ability to direct and coordinate the sum of professional talents to promote, to scientifically support and to negotiate 3 Presidential Decrees for equal number of Biosphere Reserves in Mexico, as well as to elaborate their respective Management Plans, have been one of the more satisfying Professional experiences.

In this framework, of the 37 projects of scientific research and resource management, developed through of a contract or by complementary support to that of the Research Centers that he has been ascribed, five of those projects are particularly outstanding, one of them was awarded by the Third World Academy of Sciences as the best Project of Biology in México during 1987. The second project developed the basis to generate the Presidential Decree that establishes the Latin America's largest Biosphere Reserve: The Vizcaíno Desert Biosphere Reserve.

The third one developed the Management Plan for this Reserve. The fourth project provide the necessary information to protect and to restore the native flora and fauna of the Revillagigedo islands, the Mexican Galapagos, Islands that since 1994 have their Presidential Decree as Biosphere Reserve. Finally, the fifth research project generated all the scientific and Thecnical information required in order to support the 1994 Presidential Decree which establishes the Sierra de La Laguna, the richest biodiversity place in all the State of Baja California, as Biosphere Reserve.


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